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  Vancouver Velo Vets – About

VV members: Log in to the website (link top right on this page) for news articles, club documents, FAQ / tech library, board info and photo albums. Don't know your login information? On the login page click "Forgot my username/password" and follow the instructions.

COVID-19 update (June 13th, 2021): Rides are back! With COVID‐19 case counts doing down, and vaccination programs going well, VIASport has updated its participation guidelines with its recently released Return to Sport 2.0, a 4‐step plan for returning to normal sport and competitions, both indoor and outdoor. Our COVID‐19 safety plan has now been updated to align with the VIASport plan outlined at Step 1. These guidelines allow us to return to operating club rides, within the bounds of our now updated COVID-19 Safety Plan. You can get the latest copy of the safety plan here. Note that you still have to have signed both the new participant agreement, and the BC Cycling COVID-19 self-declaration before you can come out on a group ride. Have a look at the Ride Calendar for upcoming rides - it will be great to see you again!

General information: We're a road cycling club established in 1992, with a focus on group rides and social connection. Most of our members are 50+ years of age. Some are former (or even current masters) racers while others are middle-aged converts to cycling.


The ride calendar provides for a variety of skill levels within the club, featuring moderately paced Saturday rides in varied terrain but also higher tempo weekday evening rides as daylight hours allow. Saturday rides start at 9:00AM (10:00AM in the winter) and typically include a stop at a coffee shop.


Pace: Depending on the size of the group and range of abilities, the group may be split into two packs. The first group will go the pace comfortable to that group but the rear (or only) group will be no-drop and go at a pace comfortable for the slowest rider. The packs will regroup at the coffee shop and perhaps other pre-arranged points. Depending on the group and road conditions, the group may do rotating pacelines or single-file or two-abreast static formation.


On wet days bikes must have fenders with spray-flaps. We strongly encourage front (white, blinking) and rear (red) lights for all rides, and absolutely in the wet and winter. Of course we wear helmets.


Annual social events include a summer barbecue and a Christmas party/awards dinner.


Guest Riders are welcome but are required to complete a waiver form and bring it to the ride you wish to participate in. Read more about membership and guest riders. Experienced members of the club will pass on tips and instruction to anyone unfamiliar with pacelines or other aspects of the sport.


We have a closed group on Facebook for members: You can also follow us on Twitter @velo_vets.


For more information: Contact Us









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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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